Food Philosophy

Food Philosophy


“Our philosophy here is only to use ingredients that are from the west of Ireland.”

“This isn’t easy as we do not allow ourselves to use spices, so we have to go out and find flavours from other places. The same goes for the likes of lemons and olive oil, so it’s a challenge. It is why foraging became a bit of a thing for us. Otherwise, you’re just importing things from all around the world, which is not much of a challenge at all.

“If you limit the palate of your ingredients, you force yourself to be more creative with that, you force yourself to find different flavours and different textures when creating a dish. There are different flavours out there in nature in the west of Ireland, such as elderflowers, wild garlic seeds and pickled roses, which we use in our savoury dishes. We use a lot of sea vegetables as well, which are a bit more durable. We’re constantly having to change our menu, because we have a limited amount of things we can use.”

Enda McEvoy, Owner & Head Chef